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Posted by Gardalkis on 2022-05-23

Communication with ANVISA - mechanisms of prompt communication of adverse drug reactions and communications with the National Pharmacovigilance Service, alerts and health recommendations. There were evaluated 18 online pharmacies that were almost distributed online pharmacies. In online pharmacies to ANVISA's approval of operation, 15 online pharmacies have not yet been approved, which can indicate the lack of specific regulations for this pharmacy. According to the Public Consultation No.

It could be verified this information is not available in the websites of online pharmacies. Seventeen pharmacies did not make available the name of the manager pharmaceutical officer providing consumer assistance and responsible for the website operation. Law No. Accessed on Dec 2, Therefore, many online pharmacies operate unlawfully in Brazil as they are not accountable for drug dispensing and drug assistance. The information on the pharmacy's or drug company headquarter's geographical address should be available in the website's home page and there should also be specified the Brazilian states where the pharmacy is licensed for drug commerce.

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The address online pharmacies was provided by two pharmacies and only one of them specified the state where it can operate in a secondary page of the website. Of three pharmacies licensed to operate, only one provided its complete geographical address but none of them specified either the states where they are licensed for drug commerce or the name of their manager pharmaceutical officers.

As indicated by the Public Consultation No. Of 18 pharmacies studied, only four had a toll-free phone number, 12 had direct dial long-distance numbers, and two did not provide any contact phone number.

The four pharmacies that made online pharmacies their toll-free phone number had also communication through e-mail and two of them had webchats available. It was found that all pharmacies did not provide consumers means of communication phone, e-mail, webchats to request information after drug purchase. Of them, two were not approved to market drugs directly to consumers: one was a drug distributor and the other one was a pharmaceutical industry; only the latter was approved to operate.

An online pharmacy, internet pharmacy, or mail-order pharmacy is a pharmacy that operates over the Internet and sends orders to customers through mail, shipping companies. Online pharmacy services allow individuals to skip the lines and have their prescription and non-prescription medications delivered straight to their home.

Information on the online pharmacies distributor was not available on their website and they introduced themselves as a regular online pharmacy but it was verified in ANVISA's website their categorization as a drug distributor. Drugs are required to be stored and shipped under specific temperature and humidity conditions. Administrative Rule No. Although certified, ECT cannot assure shipping specifications for the different drugs on the way up to their delivery at the consumers' home, their physical and chemical and microbiological stability properties can be affected and they can pharmaccies harmful to consumers' health.

This is a challenge that needs to be addressed by proper agencies. This information was provided by pharmaceutical companies through drug inserts.

Four pharmacies provided information such as "natural product," "no online pharmacies and "no adverse effects," which constitute deceptive marketing practices. There were identified 17 pharmacies that made available to consumers unregistered drugs, especially herbal medicines, as confirmed in ANVISA's drug registration.

Six of them did not comply with the regulations on drug commerce and four violated the regulations forbidding commerce of controlled drugs. These products' quality is questionable as their safety and therapeutic efficacy has not been evidenced entailing further risk to people's health.

In addition, it was verified no pharmacy had any means of communication with ANVISA available in their websites for prompt reporting of adverse drug reactions as well as they did not provide any alerts or health recommendations. This on,ine lead to easy access to unregistered drugs and lack of control on prescription drug commerce, acting as facilitating factors online pharmacies improper and indiscriminate drug use.

The study onkine show the need for regulations in this new modality of drug commerce in Brazil. These pharmacies should be subject to more efficient inspections by health authorities and heavy penalties should be imposed on violators, thus benefiting the community and responsible pharmacies. For these regulations to be effective, it is crucial to parmacies the role of pharmaceutical officers as technical specialists responsible for online pharmacies and for providing drug information in their websites as well as being skilled providers to assist consumers.

As a result, an effective service can be provided, allowing to expanding the pharmaceutical profession into a new field of operation. No queues.

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